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Northampton, MA

Deanna F. Cook is a kids' cookbook and kids'  activity book author. She is the author of Cooking Class, Teddy Bear Doctor, The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook, and Kids' Pumpkin Projects. She is also the content director at, a kids cooking kit, and a former editor at Disney, FamilyFun magazine, and Scholastic. 

Deanna's Blog

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed!

Deanna Cook

I am feeling thankful this Mother's Day for my two teenage daughters, Ella and Maisie, who over the years have brought me so much joy (and so many yummy breakfasts in bed). When they were young, I had to make myself stay in bed in the morning (I'm an early riser, so this wasn't always easy). I could hear them down in the kitchen, mixing up pancake batter or beating eggs for omelets. The door would shut and open again and I could picture them in their pjs collecting bright purple lilacs from the yard. Then I listened to them carrying the breakfast tray up the stairs, hoping they wouldn't spill my precious cup of coffee, or worse, trip and fall with the entire tray down the stairs. They would finally appear at my doorstep with big smiles on their faces, feeling proud of their morning gift to Mama. I would get that warm feeling of love for my children and a secret pride, knowing they were pretty good cooks. 

This Mother's Day, the girls won't be making me breakfast in bed. We are all going up to Vermont for the weekend. I'm leading a kids' cooking class and book signing on Saturday May 9th at 2pm at the Vermont Bookstore in Middlebury. The girls are coming with me to help, and we are spending the night at a bed & breakfast nearby — so we'll all be in for a treat on Mother's Day morning.

All week, I've been feel grateful for all the publicity around Cooking Class. With so many kids ready to whip up breakfast in bed for their moms, there have been some nice recipe excerpts from the book. A favorite was from the Washington Post with French Toast on a Stick. also ran several recipes. And I was happy see nice reviews in Scholastic Parent & Child, the, and FamilyFun's Facebook page (which spiked sales on Amazon, so thank you!). 

I've also been cooking up lots of breakfast recipes at Kidstir. We have a new  Good Morning Kit with some of my favorite kid-friendly recipes and cute kitchen tools, plus more recipes online (I'm particularly proud of my food styling and recipe development on the Eggs in a Heart!).  

I wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day. Savor your breakfasts in bed made by your own children! 


P.S. Here are 5 tips for mother's day morning: 1). Stay in bed and pretend you're asleep even if you're wide awake. 2). Don't worry about the giant mess your kids are making in the kitchen (a little independence goes a long way in terms of learning to cook through trial and error). 3). Leave out this cute breakfast in bed order sheet on your doorknob from Kidstir 4). When your kids deliver your breakfast, scooch over so they can join you on the bed. 5). Take a moment to feel oh so very thankful for your children. 'Tis a true gift to be a mom! 

Throw back: Mother's Day breakfast in bed 2012 with Maisie's homemade coffee cake and hand-sewn photo card.

Throw back: Mother's Day breakfast in bed 2012 with Maisie's homemade coffee cake and hand-sewn photo card.