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Northampton, MA

Deanna F. Cook is a kids' cookbook and kids'  activity book author. She is the author of Cooking Class, Teddy Bear Doctor, The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook, and Kids' Pumpkin Projects. She is also the content director at, a kids cooking kit, and a former editor at Disney, FamilyFun magazine, and Scholastic. 

Deanna's Blog

TV & Radio Days

Deanna Cook

I've had a fun week in the local media, talking up Cooking Class, and getting ready for the official release in a few weeks. This morning, I went on the radio (and felt like I was being heard in that giant microphone!). I met Monte and Bill Newman and they introduced me as "The eponymous Deanna F.Cook, author of a totally cool new cookbook for kids." Thanks Bill and Monte! You can listen here (go to minute 43 just after the mayor). 

I also cooked up some Think Spring! Rolls on Mass Appeal. I always feel at home on this show—the hosts are around my height and they like to cook (and eat and talk!). It's nice to see all the colors in the veggie-packed spring rolls on the air (we are all hoping for Spring, which seems like lightyears away on this snowy day). 

I just discovered a great article about tomorrow's chocolate making event in MassLive and a nice q & a in the Valley Nibbler. Thanks to both of them! 

The book signing event at the Odyssey was a big hit! There were 70 kids at the chocolate dipping party (and Ella helped me—what would we do without teenage daughters?). Check out my favorite pics from the event.

Love this girl who wore her apron to the event!